Light a Candle

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Candles add warmth, elegance and style to  candles2any room in the house and everything seems lovelier by candlelight. Whether paired in candlesticks on the dining table, lying in a cloth basket in the bathroom or grouped for drama in the living room, candles add elegance and style to homes around the world.
Here are some popular trends for decorating with candles:

1.    Add a contemporary influence by placing one or more pillar candles on a pillar plate and surrounding the candles with smooth stones. This looks best with neutral colored or deeply hued candles and stones.

2.    Make your fireplace a dramatic backdrop by filling it with candles or use the hearth for bringing the color, light and warmth of candles to a room. If using scented candles, make sure all are the same fragrance. Candle holders made especially for in-fireplace use are a great way to enjoy the visual pleasure of a fire when it’s too warm for a log fire.

3.    Try grouping votives or small square candles for a compact yet striking complement to any décor. Create a grouping with an unexpected twist, using serving ware as candle holders. Votive groupings can be especially dramatic and easily changed for minimal expense.

4.    Candlelight can transform the porch or entryway into one of your home’s most enchanting areas. Welcome your guests with a shimmer of candlelight protected by hurricanes or votive holders. Consider sconces for an outside wall. Create a lovely path to light the way when your guests leave.

5.    Large pillar candles placed in glass lanterns or surrounded by glass hurricanes make a bold decorating statement during the day and cloak a room with subtle warmth and drama when lit. They can be especially dramatic when placed in pairs at the end of a mantel or as the focal point on a coffee table or end table.

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