Improve Your Home & Health with Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is an artform based on a series of guidelines derived from ancient Eastern philosophies that is designed to create a sense of balance and harmony in the home which therefore creates a sense of balance and harmony within oneself. If one’s home is healthy, then the individual can be healthy. When this perfect balance is achieved a positive energy is created. There are many factors in a home that can block this positive energy, the most important perhaps, is organization.

The five elements of feng shui

There are 5 elements of feng shui: wood, Fire, earth, metal, and water. Each of these elements works independently and collectively to restore calm and bring energy to your space.

There must be proper balance in the use of each element in your space as too much is apt to make one feel overwhelmed, stubborn and inflexible and not enough may be responsible for lack of creativity,  ambivalence and depression.

How to create calm and order in your home using elements of feng shui

Aroma therapy is calming feng shui practice. The daily use of essential oils will help purify, relax, energize and also create a very sensual ambiance. Art is also extremely important in feng shui and is thought to improve the energy of both home and office. Make sure the art you select fits the needs of the room.

A bedroom or bathroom, for example, should have artwork that is sensual and soothing – watercolors of photographs of nature. Family rooms and offices fare better with art that energizes; filled with bright and vibrant colors and images. The tone of the art must fit the tone of the room. Candles support the fire element and are a must for every home. You may want to consider a small fountain for your home. The fountain supports that water element, with the soothing water energy thus creating a most tranquil and peaceful energy.

Bamboo is a very important feng shui element. It’s not only beautiful, offering up the earth element, but is considered to be a symbol of good luck. The plant is easy to take care of and is thought to teach the ultimate wisdom – how to be both flexible and hollow as to allow the spirit to flow freely and heal your being.

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