Food That Build Muscle Fast

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  1. Nuts

Nuts, like almonds, are a healthy source of fiber, protein and vitamin E. They are an especially helpful snack – packed with healthy fats and calories – if you are trying to add weight. Avoid nuts with extra sugars and salts.

  1. Eggs

When working out, you want protein, which eggs have plenty of. Eggs also contain vitamins A, D and E. For men: Eggs have cholesterol, which will boost your testosterone levels, helping you to build muscle.

  1. Berries

Make an excellent snack and the natural sugar will help keep your energy up. The extra energy will help you to extend your workout and the carbs will give you the boost you need to lift heavier weights for longer intervals.

  1. Olive Oil

High in healthy fats, known to lower rates of inflammation within the body, which may help you recover more quickly after a particularly intense workout. Pour over your salad or use it as a sauce substitute on pasta. Olive oil is also a healthy way to add more calories to your diet. Obviously, if you’re trying to lose weight – extra calories are not what you need – but, when adding muscle, extra calories are key.

  1. Salmon

Known for fighting inflammation and its omega-3 properties, salmon should be a staple in any muscle-building diet. It’s also an excellent source of protein.

  1. Flax Seeds

An excellent source of omega-3, protein and fiber.

  1. Water

If you are on a strict workout regimen, drinking enough water is crucial. Aim for at least two glasses during each meal to prevent dehydration, which may make your muscles look smaller and sap your energy during workouts.

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