5 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

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Yoga is usually considered a form of exercise reserved for the ladies. That’s totally wrong!!

The male body can benefit plenty from getting all downward dog on a yoga mat. Yoga can help improve your energy, flexibility and mental focus while decreasing stress and eliminating toxins.

Here are 5 very convincing reasons why you should do yoga too…

1. Learn Life Focus

One of the hardest parts of yoga class is the intention you set at the start of class. This quick self-reflection is meant to help us focus internally on why we are participating. By setting that intention, you’ll be able to experience your need on the mat and take this with you into your everyday life.

2. Improve Your Flexibility

Any guy in a job with repetitive physical stress can benefit from the flexibility yoga offers.

Men who sit at the same chair and desk day after day, stretching those stiff muscles can improve overall flexibility, relieve joint and muscle pain, promote detoxification, and better digestion.

3. Relax man…

Yoga is the perfect place to slow down, unwind, be in the moment, and just breathe. Yoga teaches us to calm the mind and reach a state of peace that remains beyond the mat.

4.  Eliminate Toxins

When you twist and sweat regularly in yoga you are gaining flexibility and strength, but you are also ridding the body of harmful toxins, by wringing it out like a sponge.

5. Lower Risk of Injury

In Yoga it is very important to listen to your body and honor your body’s limits. This challenges us to acknowledge certain aches and pains. So instead of ignoring pain and discomfort the goal is more to improve and encourage healing, strength, flexibility, and alignment while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries.

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