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5 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

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Yoga is usually considered a form of exercise reserved for the ladies. That’s totally wrong!! The male body can benefit plenty from getting all downward dog on a yoga mat. Yoga can help improve your energy, flexibility and mental focus while decreasing stress and eliminating toxins. Here are 5 very convincing reasons why you should

10 winter health myths exposed – Part I

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Separate fact from fiction when it comes to cold-weather wellness. Due to cold, flu season and chilly weather, it seems like we worry more about our health during the winter than at any other time of year. But do we really need to stress about our well-being this season? We spoke to the experts about

Anti Aging Treatment & Skin Care – Part I

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As we age, keeping our skin beautiful, youthful and radiant becomes more and more of a challenge. Over time, it naturally loses its elasticity, moisture and texture. Although what we eat can have a tremendous impact on our skin’s health, so can our environment and our lifestyle. What we expose it to on a regular