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Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

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Your new baby is finally here and you have a lot to think about: what to do if he cries, when to feed him and also how to get rid of those extra pounds you gained during your pregnancy. If you started out at a normal weight and gained the 25-35 pounds your doctor probably

How to lose belly fat – Tips to help you lose weight within a month

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Many people struggle on a daily basis with their body weight and belly fat. Diets are hard to maintain and for most, even if they do manage to lose weight, it comes back soon afterwards. Yes, more belly fat! Whether you want to lose belly fat or 10 lbs once or until you reach a

New Trend – Hand Knit

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Latest trend in knitting, hand knitting without using any knitting needle, only your own fingers. Everything goes: Starting with rugs and blankets, through hats, scarfs and napkins all the way to cushions and huge poufs. You can also find handbags and other accessories all hand made. It is easy to learn, and with short instruction

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Anti Aging Treatment & Skin Care – Part II

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In previous post we talked about environmental and lifestyle factors to be aware of that can cause premature aging. Here are few more, and the anti-aging strategy you can take: Sun exposure: Sun exposure is very aging to skin. Unprotected skin that is exposed to the sun becomes more mottled in appearance. Freckles can turn

10 winter health myths exposed – Part II

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In previous post we exposed some interesting winter health myths. Here are few more – Myth #6: You lose most of the heat from your body through your head, so you need to wear a hat. We’ve all heard this one — and perhaps it worries you when you’re out with your children during the