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Introduction to Natural Body Building

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These days, body building has become a famous sport, but people are really confused about the kind of method they should use to develop their body and build extra muscle mass. Some people are crazy about building body. As a result they are switching to supplements available in the market. Many commercials on television and

The Biggest Workout Mistakes People Make


I see it in every gym, people are spending hours and hours, 7 days a week, yet they look the same month after month. Some of them are spending hundreds of dollars every month on private training, yet their trainer coach them to exercise in a way that is not even related to what their

How to Keep Your Fitness Plan During Weekends


Do activities that are more challenging. Team sports, biking, hiking, a triathlon, indoor rock climbing or a racquetball match are perfect for an active weekend. Take advantage of any extra free time, and play sports! Complete a project on your to-do list. If you have to choose between a lengthy workout and checking something off